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How to Negotiate Your Way to a Better Career

HR leaders get plenty of practice negotiating: They are key participants in discussions about wages, benefits, job offers, labor contracts and restructuring.
But brokering deals on their own behalf—such as asking for a raise, promotion or flexible work arrangement—can feel a lot more difficult. ...
Jul 10

Why Most People Quit Their Jobs

In my line of work, I do a lot of listening to managers bickering about losing good employees. It's understandable--turnover is costly and disruptive.
So, many of them will point fingers somewhere, but the data I receive from exit interview reports, feedback instruments, and employee engagement surveys has fingers pointing back at them. ...
Jun 23

How to Deal with Unhappiness at Work

Happiness at work has become an unavoidable subject, especially because for many years, the boundary between private and professional life has been more and more blurred. Every morning, we want to have a good and pleasant reason to go to work, we don’t want to go there walking backwards, as we usually spend half of our day at the office. ...
Jun 19

12 Habits of Genuine People

12 Habits of Genuine People
by Travis Bradbury 
There’s an enormous amount of research suggesting that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to your performance at work. TalentSmart has tested the EQ of more than a million people and found that it explains 58% of success in all types of jobs. ...
Jun 14

25 Things Successful People Refuse to Do

If you want to be successful at life, you're going to have to do things that everyone else around you avoids.
But it's not always what you are willing to do that will make you successful. It is also what you are willing to do without until you get there. ...
Jun 12

Didn't Get The Job? Don't Get Mad -- Do This, Instead

Dear Liz,
I feel like I've wasted weeks of my time and been treated very badly by an employer (we'll call them Acme Inc.) that interviewed me four times for a great job.
After weeks of interviewing, they hired someone else. They sent me an email message that said "We were delighted to meet you, but we chose a candidate with more industry experience. ...
Jun 7

7 Tips to Find Your Dream Job Over A Three-Day Weekend

5/26/2017 Jillian Kramer 

You could use the three-day weekend to catch up on some serious R&R—and no one here would blame you. But those extra eight hours you have off work could add up to some serious gains in your job search, if you’re willing to put in the time. ...
May 26

What Job Switchers Want

The latest chapter in the ongoing book on employees and what they really want from their employer finds them pursuing a slightly different Holy Grail than previously reported: challenge.
In a recent global Korn Ferry survey of nearly 2,000 professionals, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) say that if they were to plan on being in the job market this year, it would be because they're looking for a more challenging position while the quest for greater compensation comes in almost dead last as a reason to leave. ...
Mar 27

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