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Established by an Act of Congress in 1947, the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission is a not-for-profit interstate agency that utilizes a variety of strategies to meet the water-related needs of our member states—Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

NEIWPCC serves and assists our states by coordinating activities and forums that encourage cooperation among the states, developing resources that foster progress on water and wastewater issues, representing the region in matters of federal policy, training environmental professionals, initiating and overseeing scientific research projects, educating the public, and providing overall leadership in water management and protection.

NEIWPCC is a leader in forming strong bonds between the New England and New York State environmental agencies, and is unique in its ability to bring diverse interest groups together, create forums for collaboration, and educate with innovative products.

For well over six decades, the Commission has managed interstate water conflicts by means of sound science, coordination, and adaptation. According to our Compact, NEIWPCC is to be overseen by 35 Commissioners—five from each member state—who are appointed by their state governors. (The number of NEIWPCC Commissioners from each state can vary slightly from year to year due to the gubernatorial appointment process.)

Each state’s five-person delegation must include the leaders of its environmental and public health agencies, who typically designate representatives to attend NEIWPCC meetings on their behalf. A state’s remaining three seats go to individuals appointed to the Commission due to their experience and interest in water and wastewater issues. The chairmanship of the Commission rotates between states every two years. Under the leadership of NEIWPCC’s Executive Director and Deputy Director, NEIWPCC's staff develops and implements programs endorsed by our Commissioners.

Further coordination of the work comes from the directors of our three main divisions: Water Quality, Wastewater and Onsite Systems, and Water Resource Protection. NEIWPCC's headquarters are in Lowell, Mass., but we also employ staff in other locations as a means of more directly supporting programs and projects in our member states.

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