Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator

January 26, 2022
Valparaiso, Indiana

We are hiring! Powder Processing Technology has been in business for over 40 years assisting the top materials companies and we are expanding into new business areas and seeking the top talent for each role.

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC's professionals have assisted the top materials technology companies around the world for over 40 years. Our customers feel that our ability to convert bench top experimentation into commercial production has made PPT a reliable partner. We have the capability to produce at the scale you require and with the quality and consistency you expect. Most importantly, you can trust us to handle your intellectual property with discretion. Our warehousing services allow us to stage your materials during production, with complete shipping and storing capabilities.

We have:

  • A fully equipped pilot development facility (Innovative Materials Center) for customers that require process development prior to the scale up into a production environment.
  • A mid-size production facility for small or mid-scale production runs, or as an intermediate step before moving into a full-scale production.
  • Several segregated production areas capable of substantial tonnage.

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator

Develop, implement, monitor, and manage safety programs, policies, and procedures. Ensure the organization complies with all current safety and environmental regulations. Evaluates the organization's procedures, facilities and equipment to identify and make recommendations for safety improvements.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Include the following (other duties may be assigned):

· Lead and facilitate all Union/Management and Management Safety committee meetings which are to be held at least monthly to review all accidents, accident investigation reports, inspection reports, training and other safety issues.

· Conduct periodic safety and health walk-through inspections of all workplace facilities, equipment, and practices in order to ensure compliance with safety standards and government regulations.

· On a quarterly basis, conduct an accident/incident analysis with the safety committee to note trends and take corrective action.

· Create and submit an annual report that includes accident analysis, safety accomplishments, and outstanding safety issues.

· Ensure that safety training and all other specifically required training is provided for all employees.

· Conduct accident/injury investigations and illness exposure monitoring.

· Establish and monitor a program for reporting and investigating “near-miss” situations.

· Conduct investigations into employee inquiries, suggestions and complaints.

· Research and implement new material handling processes.

· Ensure all aspects of the Title V air permit are maintained in compliance, and all reporting requirements are met on an annual basis per the permit (Chemical Inventory, Toxic Release Inventory, etc.).

· Maintain required safety and health documents/files.

· Ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies and standards (including OSHA, EPA, etc.)

· Verify on a periodic basis that all forklift, scissor lift, etc. check-off sheet are being completed appropriately.

· Establish annual workplace safety objectives with the safety committee for the coming year based on the current annual report.

· Maintain and update emergency response plans and procedures.

· Work with Human Resources in any capacity needed on all Workers’ Compensation cases.

· Conduct new employee safety orientation.

Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in environmental or safety) or equivalent demonstrating understanding in science and chemistry.  Current OSHA-30 certification preferred and knowledge of OSHA and EPA standards. 

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Company Name:

Powder Processing and Technology, LLC


$60,000 - $70,000 Per Year

Job Category:

EHS Multi-site, Safety Multi-site, EHS - Midwest region

Position Type:

Full Time


2 - 5 years


Bachelor's Degree

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