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Company Name:
Approximate Salary:
$96,117 to $124,955  
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Job Categories:
Environmental Engineer/Specialist: Single site
Environmental Engineer/Specialist: Multi-site
Industry Segments:
Government / Public Sector
Experience level:
6-10 years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree

Environmental Protection Specialist

GSA Public Building Services
Serves as the Regional Environmental Protection Specialist for workplace environments and workplace environment projects in the Safety and Environmental Management Branch, Property Management Division. 

Responsible for the planning, management, and direction of the facility environmental program for all GSA owned, operated and leased buildings within the Region:

(1) providing expert technical advice for the design and construction of workplace environments on new buildings or repair and alteration projects in existing facilities such as office buildings, warehouses, parking facilities, historic buildings and court and custom facilities;

(2) performing workplace environment studies and comparative design analyses, recommending solutions of problems in designated structures to be included in the current repair and alteration programs;

(3) professional review, code review, phasing review, constructability review, compliance review, technical evaluation, assessment and recommendation through the comparative analysis of progressive design and construction documents, including: (a) the resolution of complex design and/or construction problems, and (b) providing the appropriate design direction to agency officials, client agencies, and contract architect and/or engineering firms, or appropriate construction contractors;

(4) establishing the architectural workplace environment design, coordinating the preparation of complete workplace environment designs, and coordinating the preparation of complete design documents;

(5) coordinating architectural workplace environment designs through the preparation, review and approval of budgetary, conceptual, intermediate and final designs;

(6) oversee the day-today environmental workplace management of all buildings, and

(7) provide subject matter expertise to customers within GSA and partnering federal agencies. 

Major Duties:

  •  Serves as the regional focal point and provides management, regional officials, and other projects managers within the agency, other Government agencies, and contract architecture/engineering (A/E) firms with high technical judgment concerning workplace environments and contractual workplace environment problems where the situations encountered are frequently without precedent. 
  • Responsible for the quality control of the workplace environment elements of building operations and repair and alteration projects.  
  • Keeps current with the latest developments in workplace environments and related disciplines by reviewing technical publications, attending technical conferences or professional society meetings, and discussions with industry representatives in which discussions are of national significance or are of outstanding importance to the Agency.
  • Evaluates new technology and recommends adoption of those that would improve efficiency. 
  • Attends meetings with A/E and contractors to establish project schedules, agency procedures and policies, technical criteria for subsequent inclusion in A/E contracts. 
  • Prepares criteria for A/E design documents and contracts. Identifies requirements (i.e. design criteria, scope of work, extent and scope of drawings, order of preparation) for new or revised guide specifications to be developed by architect/engineer firms or in‐house personnel.
  • Responds to requests from organizational elements of the agency and other agencies for technical workplace environment information.
  • Assists in administering construction projects, and makes recommendations to project managers and contracting officers concerning contract modifications.
  • Prepares cost estimates for workplace environments based on expert knowledge of repair and alteration designs, construction, and construction administration and service contracts for building operations.
  • Conducts periodic Workplace Environment seminars for other project managers, specialists in other disciplines as appropriate, and management to promote awareness of the program and to acquaint them with new materials and designs, procedures, and/or new and innovative processes and techniques.
  • Prepares and/or reviews budget concept estimates (without drawings and specifications) based on expert knowledge of repair and alteration conditions, building construction and construction administration of repair and alteration projects and building operations.
  • Prepares or coordinates the development of intermediate and final estimates for construction and/or service contract documents. These involve complex construction repair and alteration projects and may affect major policy decisions concerning the award of contracts, redesign to meet cost limitations, requests for additional funds, and reconsideration of projects involving several construction contracts. These involve complex service contracts, materials and supplies and may affect the selection of service providers.
  • Serves as the region liaison between A/E's and national office to provide resolution of complex Workplace Environment issues.


Knowledge Required by the Position:

Expert knowledge of the wide range of laws, regulations, policies, principles and practices affecting General Services Administration, Public Building Services and Property Management Division. Expertise in following laws and regulations:

(1) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) which includes hazardous waste management and fuel storage tank management;

(2) Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) which include asbestos disposal, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) management among others;

(3) Clean Water Act (CWA) which include stormwater management;

(4) Clean Air Act (CAA) which includes refrigerant management and stationary air control management, and

(5) Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and amendments which include Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA).  Knowledge of health and safety standards, energy conservation and asbestos abatement.

Knowledge of budgeting and scope of work writing related to repair and alteration projects, new construction and building operations.

Apply using USAJOBs - develop online resume - search for position - apply to vacancies posting.  Application accepted time frame merit promotion 06/25/2020 to 07/09/2020 and the DE 06/25/2020 to 07/09/2020.


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