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Company Name:
Approximate Salary:
42.00/ hr 
Benicia, California
United States
Job Categories:
IH Specialist: Single site
IH Specialist: Multi-site
IH Consultant
Safety Engineer/Specialist: Single site
Safety Engineer/Specialist: Multi-site
Safety Consultant
Industry Segments:
Chemicals, Environmental Services, Oil & Gas - Refining
Experience level:
3-5 years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree
Reference Number:

Industrial Hygiene Specialist (Safety)

Industrial Hygiene Specialist is a safety and health generalist who monitors client employees and contractors for physical and chemical stressors. The IH Specialist utilizes various pieces of sampling equipment to monitor for noise, chemicals, radioactive materials and airborne solid contaminants. The IH Specialist has the ability to recognize hazards, evaluate them and recommend control measures.


Annual Ventilation Air Flow Survey
• Use low and high flow anemometers to evaluate air velocity for ventilation controls, bench hoods, canopies, local exhaust systems.
• Assist with the tabulation and presentation of air flow data
• Assist with completing and posting the annual pass/fail flow test stickers
Safety Shower/Eyewash Inspections
• Flow test all eyewash/showers annually, re-inspect following repairs, and new installations
• Access to INTELATRAC report of operations weekly safety shower checks
• Annual report of status of all safety showers. (Monthly Progress Reports)

Radiation Safety Program
• Visit NDE inspection jobs. Check the barricade placement using a radiation meter.
• Conduct periodic field visits to verify ionizing radiation gauge condition.
• Use industrial hygiene radiation equipment to evaluate surface radiation and leaks from fixed gauges and x-ray machines.

Microwave Oven Survey - (this program's field survey should be substituted with a visual inspection only.)
• Conduct an annual inventory and inspection of site microwaves.
• Tabulate findings. Report any damaged equipment for replacement.
• Test microwave ovens using standard testing protocol and microwave meter

Hearing Conservation - 3 year Area/Personal Noise Survey
• Assists with the investigation of hearing STSs by visiting work areas to obtain sound level readings from noise sources, collecting noise dosimetry and preparing data for inclusion in reports.
• Use a sound level meter to collect noise readings from fixed process equipment and work areas.

Respiratory Protection
• Assists with the management of the Respiratory Protection Program by providing education and training on subjects such as respirator selection, usage, storage, care and cleaning practices.
• Verify breathing air certificate of analysis matches lots delivered to the field.
• Inspect PAPR, SCBA, and SAR storage locations. Look for damage, insufficient supplies or a deficiency in the mask count.

Gas Testing Procedures
• Assist with the Gas Testing classes by providing training on subjects such instrument use, handling, calibration and bump checks.
General area exposure testing/monitoring
• Assist with industrial hygiene surveys measuring chemical and physical agents in the workplace.
• Assist with the evaluation of control measures, work practices and personal protective equipment usage.
• Collect environmental data, summarize information, and draft data summaries independently or in conjunction with the IH to determine compliance with established Permissible Exposure Limits and Threshold Limit Values.
• Submit samples for analysis and prepare chain of custodies.
• Receive and issue various IH equipment.
• Assist in ordering Industrial Hygiene equipment and consumable supplies.
• Maintain equipment logs and annual and monthly calibration logs.


• Able to use all types of industrial hygiene equipment and download information from the meters.
• Ability to draft reports of sampling and build tables to record data from the IH sampling.
• Understand the sampling media used for each type of sampling and select the correct media for all types of chemical agents.
• Respond to emergencies, select the appropriate IH equipment to sample and provide accurate data.
• Act independently of supervision and make decisions based on real time data and activities occurring in the field.


• Reliable can organize work priorities to complete tasks within constricted time frames.
• Be able to apply for credentials like a TWIC card, and take tests to allow entry into customer facilities.
• When a sampling issue comes up in the field be able to adapt and get solutions to equipment deficiencies, lack of media or special jobs that arise. Fix gear in the field and adapt when accessories were left at the TS lab.
• Enter data into Excel and be able to extract tables, employee notification letters and other reports. Draft a report for review by CIH.
• Adapt and be willing to learn new skills which are required by our customers.


• BS in safety, industrial hygiene or technical science.
• 2-5 years of field IH experience minimum, preferably in oil and gas and refining with technical classes taken during the work period.
• In lieu of a BS degree 4+ years of IH field work experience would be considered


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