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The Perfect Questions to Ask at the End of Your Job Interview

We've all had that moment: you reach the end of the interview and your interviewer asks if you have any questions. You sit there pretending to ponder for a moment; do I ask them how their day was? You usually just shake your head and thank them for their time. ...
Oct 9

Here Are 3 Ways Volunteering Looks Great on Your Resume

Looking for a new job? You might want to think about participating in some volunteer work before you apply. Not only will you give back to the community, but your effort will look great on a resume. Here's how volunteer work actually works for you.
It shows you care about more than the money
Your hiring manager wants someone that is passionate about what they do. ...
Oct 5

Are You Sabotaging Your EHS Job Search? How to Tell If You Are Your Worst Enemy

If you're struggling to find entry-level occupational health and safety jobs, it might be time to look in the mirror: you might be the one sabotaging your job search. 
There is a slew of reasons you might dismiss a perfectly good job. They might not pay enough or it's a further commute than you're used to. ...
Oct 2

How Much Can I Make as a Professional In Environmental, Hygiene and Safety?

If you're looking for process safety management jobs, including careers in environmental, hygiene and safety, you might be wondering what the statistics are regarding pay and benefits in this line of work. If you're trying to get back in the game after a break, here are some updated salary data for environmental safety jobs. ...
Sep 27

Different Types of Safety Jobs

Careers in safety matters have developed to prevent incidents and accidents that can lead to injuries, illnesses, harm to the environment, or damage to property or equipment. With a median annual salary of $73,600, these occupational health and safety specialists are essential in the overall functionality of a company. ...
Sep 24

How To Prep For Your First Job Interview After A Long Break

Whether you've taken time off from work due to a health reason, pregnancy, family issue, or anything else, it can be intimidating to enter your first interview following a long break. A break will not automatically disqualify you for EHS director jobs or as an EHS coordinator. ...
Sep 21

Is A Company Not Meeting OSHA Standards? Here's What You Should Do

Whether you're a safety director or someone looking for entry level occupational health and safety jobs, adhering to OSHA standards is a necessary part of all environmental safety jobs. In the event that your employer or corporation is violating an OSHA standard, it's important to file a complaint to prevent an employee from getting hurt. ...
Sep 17

Want to Become a Safety Director? Here's What to Expect

You've been chewing on the idea of becoming a safety director for a while; you love the environment and you're an organized person, so why not put two and two together? If you're thinking of going down this new EHS director job career path, here's what you can expect when you enter the workforce. ...
Sep 6

OSHA Requirements and Training 101

If you're looking at safety specialist jobs, you'll likely have to take a few certification exams in order to meet the safety requirements associated with being a construction safety consultant. Though it may seem intimidating, the training is in place to help you better do your job. ...
Sep 4

Tips and Tricks to Thriving in Your New Job

If you've just started a new job, the new responsibilities and new social interactions can seem impossible to handle. You're worried about making a good impression, putting your best foot forward, exceeding your goals: but you've forgotten that a new job as a new construction safety consultant is supposed to work just as hard as you. ...
Aug 31

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