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Shirley Parsons

Company Overview

Shirley Parsons are global leaders in EHS recruitment, search and staffing services. We are an ever-growing global EHS talent network built on long-term relationships, industry knowledge, and geographic expansion.

We act as career coaches to EHS professionals and partners to organisations looking to attract the best EHS talent. Together, we can help create sustainable prosperity through business improvement, safer work environments, and enhanced wellbeing.

We aim to build relationships with candidates at every stage of their career, and have an ever-expanding network of over 50,000 north american EHS professionals. If you are looking to add EHS talent to your organization, or would like to discuss your career with one of our specialists, then please get in touch to find out how we can help.

Boston: (617) 939-9533
Los Angeles: (323) 300-6655
E: [email protected]

This company has 83 jobs posted

Senior EHS Consultant [SC-10834]
Shirley Parsons - Newark, New Jersey, United States
National EHS Manager [SC-11015]
Shirley Parsons - Stamford, Connecticut, United States
EHS Manager [TM-11016]
Shirley Parsons - Kewanee, Illinois, United States
Regional EHS Manager [RW-11013]
Shirley Parsons - Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States
EHS Manager (Bilingual) [RW-11014]
Shirley Parsons - Palmdale, California, United States
Project Safety Coordinator [JK-11010]
Shirley Parsons - Roslyn, Washington, United States
EHS Coordinator [AS-11011]
Shirley Parsons - West Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Safety Manager [AS-11008]
Shirley Parsons - Twinsburg, Ohio, United States
Regulatory Affairs Specialist [ND-11007]
Shirley Parsons - Camden, New Jersey, United States
EHS Manager [AA-11004]
Shirley Parsons - Providence , Rhode Island, United States
EHS Manager [AA-11009]
Shirley Parsons - Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Global EHS Director [AS-11005]
Shirley Parsons - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Regional Environmental Engineer [TF-10999]
Shirley Parsons - Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
EHS Manager
Shirley Parsons - Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Safety Specialist [AA-11002]
Shirley Parsons - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
EHS Manager [TF-10816]
Shirley Parsons - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States
Environmental Permitting Specialist [JK-10995]
Shirley Parsons - Redding, California, United States
Safety Coordinator [JK-10998]
Shirley Parsons - Vancouver, Washington, United States
Regional Safety Manager [KC-10997]
Shirley Parsons - Boston, Massachusetts, United States
EHS Manager [ND-10992]
Shirley Parsons - Hagerstown, Maryland, United States
ISO Auditor [CH-10990]
Shirley Parsons - Portland, Oregon, United States
Environmental Specialist [JK-10904]
Shirley Parsons - Torrance, California, United States
Director of Biosafety [AS-10988]
Shirley Parsons - Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States
EHS Consulting Director [TM-10961]
Shirley Parsons - Palo Alto, California, United States
Sr. EHS Specialist [RW-10894]
Shirley Parsons - Santa Clara, California, United States
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